Emily l'ami, founder

Watching my Dad die a slow painful death from bowel and brain cancer was the hardest experience of my life. After three years of various forms of aggressive treatment he was in pain, tired and just wanted it to be over. The last weeks and days were a blur of medical teams, hospice and social workers, paperwork and admin. All I wanted was for him to have a peaceful pain-free death but I didn't understand the system, I didn't understand what he was going through and I didn't know what I could do to help. 

The whole experience left me feeling overwhelmed, lonely and confused. As I slowly began to grieve I had a strong feeling that with a little more awareness and understanding things could have been better for him and for me. A Modern Guide to a Good Death is basically all the things I wish I'd known when dad was dying. 

If you're facing the loss of a loved one I hope that this guide will be of some comfort as you go through this journey.


Tim Tattu, Palliatve Care Nurse

Tim helped establish Enso House, an adult family home dedicated to end of life care. He now works as a registered nurse in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's palliative care unit tending to those dying of leukemia, cancer, HIV-related illnesses and other diseases. 

Dr Amber Hendry, Psychiatrist

Amber is a registered psychiatrist who has trained and worked around the world. She has a deep empathy for others and brings this to bear in her work helping people to heal from psychological trauma. 

Erin Verinder, Herbalist - Nutritionist - Energetic Healer

Erin has intimate experience with death, dying and loss from many facets. She weaves her expertise, personal journey and background in wellness, healing and spiritual practice to this space. Erin is in private practice in her wellness center in the Blue Mountains & her beachside Sydney clinic.

Bartolomeo Celestino, Artist

Bartolomeo is a Sydney based artist specializing in super format analog photography. His disciplined yet delicate images unfold with each viewing revealing layers rich in their understatement.

The image 'Untitled' gracing this site is from a recent project where he shot a costal landscape everyday over the span of one year.