Watching someone you love die is possibly the hardest thing you'll experience in your life.

We all want the people we care about to have the best death possible, but many of us have no idea of what that means or how to help make it happen. 

We created A Modern Guide to a Good Death to provide a basic overview of end-of-life for the loved ones of people with a terminal diagnosis. In this guide we cover the key organisations you're likely to encounter, the changes you may see in your loved one as they prepare for death, what to do after your loved one passes and how best to look after your loved one and yourself through it all. 

Death is a journey for the person dying but it's also a journey for the ones around them. We hope that with a little more awareness and understanding it can be a better experience for everyone.

One thought kept ricocheting around my head: Why hadn’t anyone told me death would be like this? - Alizah Salario

what we do cover

  • the key organizations you're likely to encounter
  • the physical & emotional changes you may see in your loved one
  • key terms you're likely to hear
  • things you can read and listen to
  • personal stories of people who have lost a loved one

What we don't cover

  • anything to do with medical insurance
  • anything to do with treatment options